About Cathy


Cassety Designs, LLC is a Charlottesville Virginia architectural and interior design firm specializing in home design for renovations, additions or new homes.  It is owned and run by Cathy Cassety.

Cathy’s homes are smart because they will suit your family, run efficiently and will be designed and built to match your budget and taste.

Cathy has 20 years of experience practicing architecture and has worked for some of the best Charlottesville firms including Artisan Construction as their in-house architect for their design/build branch and Bushman Dreyfus Architects. Cathy was trained at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and earned a Master of Architecture in 1990.

Cathy’s favorite thing to do it to get to know you, and come up with a solution to the problems with your home. The design will make you LOVE your home.  Cathy’s greatest strength is that she listens to you and then the creativity flows and together you’ll come up with a great solution.